Urban Impact Plan

Urban Impact Program

from “Cities Leading Change”

Urban Impact Program is part of the “Cities Leading Change”

The Urban Impact program is a training program for the benefit of growing joint businesses for Jews and Arabs, that lasts about 5 months.

During this period, participants will go through:

  • Candidate exposure evenings.
  • Sort the appropriate candidates over a number of weeks.
  • A two-day hackathon in which mixed groups of Arabs and Jews are formed and choose the challenge on which they will set up their business. *
  • 4 months of accelerator, including:
    • Advanced methodologies and tools from the worlds of start-ups by leading lecturers.
    • Close accompaniment of experienced mentors.
    • Connection to city officials for pilots.
    • Graduation evening with investors and donors from cities and across the country

* Based on the challenges of the cities in which they live – challenges whose solution will improve the quality of life