ערים מובילות שינוי

On the venture

There is a growing rift between Arabs and Jews in the Israeli society. Lack of contact and personal acquaintance creates stigmas and distortions between the parties.

Intercultural initiatives have proven to be successful and lead to building mutual appreciation and trust.

The “Urban Impact” program from “Cities Leading Change” establishes joint businesses for Arabs and Jews from neighboring cities that meet important social challenges to improve the quality of life of residents.

Businesses with a common interest prove that successful, Arab-Jewish cooperation creates closeness and mutual appreciation, helps eradicate stigmas and prejudices, and strengthens Israel’s economy and social resilience.

The project is led by a joint Arab-Jewish team and is accompanied by a board of directors with rich experience consisting of well-known figures in both companies.

The purpose of the venture

Personal, economic, business
and social initiatives

Acquiring knowledge and tools in entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and creating change

Co-creation, cross-cultural equality

Execution in a short time while learning accompanied by mentors

Networking between the participating municipalities and leading factors in the economy

Leading change and contribution to the city and the country while improving the lives of the residents

The people behind the venture

Yaakov Peri

Senior security officer and businessman

Ayman Samara

Marketing expert, strategic consultant, CEO and founder of Samara Marketing.

Roni Ariely

Founder of the “Cities Leading Change” project.

Urban Impact Program

from “Cities Leading Change”

The Urban Impact program is a training program for the growth of joint businesses for Jews and Arabs who solve social problems in their cities. In the program, participants will learn advanced methodologies for developing projects, will be accompanied by leading lecturers and mentors, and at the end will present to investors, donors and representatives of local authorities from all over the country.

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