Nora Nesayier

Founder, development manager and board member of Norami Medical, which develops innovative implants that revolutionize the recovery of patients from surgery. Nora raised 10 million USD for Norami Medical and led it to an advanced clinical phase. Nora has more than 7 years of experience in leading projects from the concept stage to the product stage, and in developing implants based on nanofibers, innovative biomaterials, and specialization in nanotechnology. Nora is biomedical engineer in her training with a master’s degree in tissue engineering from the Technion. In 2019 – she was selected as one of the four finalists for the EU Award for Entrepreneurial Women. In 2018, she was ranked by Globes as one of the most influential women in Israel: Arab Women in Sciences & Engineering. Nora is a partner in the establishment of a non-profit organization that encourages Arab women and students in the fields of entrepreneurship, science and engineering. In addition, she volunteers in social enterprises to encourage entrepreneurship in the periphery.